The project’s goal is the complete reconstruction of the entire station forecourt premises, including modifications to related transport infrastructure, based on the principle of open accessibility and safety, including the following parts:

  • Construction of covered parking areas for regular bus service in the immediate vicinity of the station, which will serve for boarding and disembarking (the existing bus station, located 1 km from the main station, will continue to provide extended bus parking).
  • A new parking solution for public transport buses and trolleybuses, including procurement of modern information systems to provide better information to passengers about all forms of transport.
  • Modification of the existing IAD parking facility, which will be changed into a modern P+R parking facility, allowing commuters to drive from their homes to a mass transport station where it is possible to safely park their vehicles for use on the return journey home.
  • Modification of existing bicycle racks and creation of a B+R system allowing cyclists to park their bicycles at a mass transport station – the main goal is to build simple and safe self-service storage containers or racks for bicycles.
  • Integration of station access with the existing system of urban cycling trails in order to ensure the safe movement of cyclists.
  • Modification of connecting road infrastructure (directly affected roads and intersections); in order to forestall a worsening of the current transport situation, a sustainable system of transport has been established in the city even in the event of a further increase in traffic; last but not least, compliance was maintained with the link to planned development of road infrastructure in accordance with the city’s land use plan.

The recipient of the subsidy to reconstruct the dispatch building and the connecting station forecourt is the City of Uherský Brod. ČD is involved in the project as a supporting entity.

Total project expenses: c. CZK 130 mil. without VAT

Contact person:

Ing. Michal Štěpán
Regional Centre for Passenger Transport

This project is supported by the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme.