The companies “RegioJet” and “České dráhy” announce that they have managed to reach an agreement on termination of all disputes related to the Falcon case, which included also a lawsuit for damage compensation in an amount of CZK 716,977,278, including accessories.

This litigation was initiated by RegioJet for an alleged breach of the rules of proper competition on the part of ČD in the period from 26 September 2011 to 30 April 2014 in the operation of passenger rail transport on the Prague – Ostrava line. The agreement comes after the investigations carried out by the European Commission and by the Office for the Protection of Competition, which were discontinued because the investigated breach of competition rules by ČD was not found out. Both the companies have expressed the hope that the closing of the disputes will contribute to the settlement of mutual relations and will support further development of sustainable public transport in the Czech Republic on the basis of fair competition in terms of prices and quality of service. The companies have agreed that they will not provide any further information on this case.