Today, a new advertising spot of České dráhy will be released to the online space. The main objective of the campaign this time is to show the comfort and a wide range of services offered by modern trains. Ivan Trojan is once again playing the key role in the spot. And since artificial intelligence is a really big topic today, this time the well-known actor presents himself in the role of a smart robot who is able to provide answers to any questions.

A silver suit, a luminous brain and a small antenna which must not be missing – this is Ivan Trojan in the role of a smart robot in the ČD’s latest campaign. And what actually brings him on the board of trains? The humanoid, called “IQ 3000”, is the result of the efforts of a Prague start-up, and is on its way to Ostrava to ask for investment. The best choice for a comfortable journey to the north of Moravia is, of course, a train. “Growing investments in the modernisation of trainsets are bringing more comfort to our passengers. That is why we focus not only on ordinary passengers, but also on business clients who demand a higher level of services. And the idea with an AI start-up perfectly sums it up in a nutshell,” says Jakub Otava, Director of the Communications Department of České dráhy.

The latest campaign of České dráhy reminds you that you can travel quickly and comfortably by train, for example on the Prague – Ostrava or Prague – Brno routes. On the board of long-distance trains, our customers will find all the comforts which they will appreciate on their journeys, i.e. comfortable trainsets equipped with air conditioning systems, sockets for charging small electronics, USB, Wi-Fi network, on-board information system, chargers for electric bikes, etc. The catering services offered on the board of our trains include an interesting and varied menu. That is why the current spot takes place in a dining car.

For example, the journey from Prague to Ostrava takes just over three hours by the fastest SC Pendolino or some IC Ostravan services. The railjet trains and EC Metropolitan services are able to cover the route between Prague and Brno in about 2.5 hours. The big news of this year in long-distance rail passenger transport is the planned deployment of the first ComfortJet trainset, which is the most modern train in the České dráhy’s rolling stock. Passengers will be able to use it for the first time in the middle of the year on the Prague – Bohumín route.

The shooting of the advertising spot also brought a number of technical challenges. For example, it took three special-effect experts more than one week just to produce the robot’s brain. The result is an electro-mechanical helmet where almost every part is moving, including the streamlining small antenna. And Ivan Trojan spent almost four hours in the make-up room to prepare the make-up and put the brain on. The end of the advertising spot, directed by Ondřej Trojan, belongs to the robot-hit which could be translated as “Pancake and sweet fritter blend, cappuccino at the end!”. The spots are released from today in online media and on social networks. The campaign is accompanied by visuals presenting particular benefits of train travels in outdoor areas, in printed materials and in the online environment.

The spot for the new campaign can be viewed on the České dráhy’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, X, Instagram a LinkedIn.