We would like to inform passengers that on Friday 17 November the trains will run according to holiday timetables. In some cases, for trains which do not run daily, the travel period is directly specified in the overview of restrictions for particular services. Passengers can find information about the holiday operation in the connection finder or by using the My Train mobile application.

In connection with the extended weekend, passengers may also be more interested in travelling over long distances, and that is why ČD is introducing regular booster carriages and recommends early reservation of seats for long-distance services. In many cases, when buying tickets in the E-shop or in the My Train application, it is possible to get seat reservations free of charge.

Passengers travelling over shorter distances at traffic peak times, e.g., from Kolín, Benešov u Prahy and other places to Prague or in other places in the Czech Republic, are advised to use less loaded regional trains.

In the context of the extended weekend, we would like to inform passengers also about the railway transport service restrictions in Germany on most long-distance and regional lines of the Deutsche Bahn carrier from 22 hours today until 18 hours on Thursday. During this time, there will be a strike by the drivers’ GDL Trade Union organisation, associated with significant restrictions on DB services. It is necessary to count on a number of restrictions and changes until midnight on Thursday. Passengers with tickets already purchased for the strike period can return or use their tickets for travels to Germany at any time till 23 November. We recommend the passengers to follow the information on extraordinary situations on www.cd.cz or directly on the DB web site  (www.bahn.de).

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