With the new timetable coming into force on 10 December 2023, České dráhy is introducing several innovations in the field of tariff and check-in procedures. Probably the most interesting change for passengers will be the possibility of purchasing free seat reservations to the tickets for ČD trains crossing the borders of the Czech Republic, through online check-in channels and at any time before the train departure. The customer comfort of purchasing the tickets for trains from Hungary will increase as well. Passengers will now also be able to choose a seat from the reservation plan newly even in the direction into the Czech Republic. Thanks to this change, reservation plans will be available for all train services from Břeclav and Brno to Prague.

From the new 2023/2024 Timetable, there will be a significant change in the purchase of international tickets in ČD's online check-in channels, i.e., in the ČD E-shop and in the My Train application. The price for a seat reservation in international transport for trains crossing the state border of the Czech Republic will now be CZK 0 if the seat reservation is purchased at the same time as the international ticket, at any time before the train departure. Until now, this was only possible if the tickets were purchased online at least 14 days before the journey. The offer will be valid for trains and compartments with no compulsory reservation. For First Minute Europe tickets, the seat reservation will be automatically attached to the ticket in the shopping cart, in the manner similar to the tickets associated with an obligatory train. For Flexi tickets, which the passenger can use on the board of any train in the selected route during the validity period, the customer will have an optional possibility to actively attach the free-of-charge seat reservation to the train ticket.

“Thanks to this change, the passengers will arrange for a complete train journey ticket, including seat reservations and will thus have a guaranteed sitting place. We are aware of the fact that this aspect is particularly important for passengers when travelling internationally over long distances,” explains Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of České dráhy, and adds: “The online environment furthermore provides us with an opportunity to communicate with passengers more easily, which is especially important in cases when there are unexpected changes in the timetable or train set configuration.”


ČD will also offer an increase in the check-in comfort in case of travels by trains departing from Hungary. When purchasing tickets for EC Metropolitan and Hungaria trains, passengers will now be newly able to view the train reservation plans and to choose a seat according to their wishes. EC trains from Budapest are checked in by the reservation system of the Hungarian carrier (MÁV), which until now did not allow the display of reservation plans in the check-in channels of České dráhy. This will also be important for passengers on the national section between Břeclav, Brno, Pardubice and Prague. The individual carriage seat plans will thus be available on this route not only on railjet trains from Austria, but newly also on Metropolitan trains from Hungary.

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In the e-shop and in the "Můj vlak" ("My Train") application, it will now be possible to purchase free seat reservations for tickets on international trains crossing the Czech border, at any time before the departure of the train.
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