České dráhy has put the first modern RegioFox regional trainsets into regular operation with passengers in the South Bohemian Region. The “Foxes”, as the two-cell diesel units are often popularly called, have begun to run on a temporary basis on passenger trains on the railway line between Veselí nad Lužnicí and České Velenice. Starting from the new timetable in December this year, passengers in South Bohemia will already be transported by 7 RegioFoxes, which are to interconnect the important South Bohemian towns of Tábor, Písek and Strakonice.  České dráhy has ordered a total of 106 RegioFoxes from the Poland-based company “PESA”, and almost 60 of them should be put into operation already this year.

“Our 'Foxes' trainsets are finally starting to enter the tracks in larger numbers. After the successful trial runs of the RegioFox trainsets on the busy railway line between Pardubice and Havlíčkův Brod, we are starting their operation in the South Bohemian Region as well. We offer passengers greater comfort of train travelling, where Wi-Fi Internet, air conditioning and sockets for charging passengers’ electronics are a matter-of-course in terms of their equipment. This year alone, the manufacturer should supply us with 59 of these modern units, which will gradually be deployed on railway lines in seven regions across the country, and seven trainsets of this new rolling stock will be deployed here in South Bohemia,” says Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of České dráhy, on the occasion of the launch of operation of the new RegioFox trainsets, adding: “The new RegioFoxes represent another integral part of the complete system of this year’s record-breaking plan of renewal of the rolling stock of České dráhy. We will put into service around 440 new individual vehicles, on both regional and long-distance railway lines.”

“I am very happy about deployment of the new RegioFox diesel units. I am convinced that these modern trains will significantly improve the comfort and quality of travelling for South Bohemian inhabitants and visitors coming to our region. We are doing our utmost for achievement of this purpose. In the autumn of 2023, we signed a contract with České dráhy, which enabled us to get RegioPanters on electrified railway lines, and this is the next step which we have set out together with ČD. This way we will ensure that the most modern trains will be running on our railway lines. The inhabitants of the South Bohemian Region deserve them, as they have been waiting for them for a long time,” said Martin Kuba, Chairman of the Council of the Regional Authority of the South Bohemian Region and stressed that the Regional Authority pays more than CZK 1.9 billion a year for transport services.

“At the moment, two connected RegioFoxes will be running on the line from Veselí nad Lužnicí via Třeboň to České Velenice. These connections will offer a capacity of 230 seats and space for 16 bicycles. The third RegioFox will serve for training additional drivers and staff and also as an operational backup for necessary maintenance and in case of emergencies,” stated Jiří Ješeta, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director General of ČD for Passenger Transport, adding: “After the bridge at Červená nad Vltavou is put into operation again, all RegioFoxes will move to the Tábor – Písek – Ražice – Strakonice railway line at the beginning of the 2024/25 timetable according to the requests of the client ordering public transport services in the South Bohemian Region.”

RegioFox in Třeboň

RegioFox units are wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned trains equipped with a wide range of services for comfortable travelling to work, school or leisure activities. Such innovations as on-board Wi-Fi network, power sockets and USB connectors for charging travel electronics, compartments for large luggage, including prams and bicycles, or an audiovisual information system are standard features on the board of these trainsets. The power units are equipped with Rolls-Royce engines capable of using the latest generation of environment-friendly HVO fuels, making them some of the most environment-friendly diesel trainsets in Europe.

České dráhy has ordered a total of 106 RegioFox trainsets from the Poland-based company “PESA”. After their delivery from the manufacturer, they will be gradually put into operation on the railway lines in the South Bohemian Region, Central Bohemian Region, Hradec Králové Region, Pardubice Region and Pilsen Region, in Vysočina (Highlands Region) and also in Prague. Currently, 9 RegioFox trainsets are already operating in Vysočina (Highlands Region) and another 7 units are deployed on trains ordered by the Pardubice Region. Since the beginning of their trial operation in August 2023, it has been possible to see the Foxes, for example, also on tracks in the Central Bohemian Region.   

In addition to RegioFoxes, České dráhy operates another 14 modern RegioPanter electric multiple units in the South Bohemian Region for regional transport purposes. Another 5 South Bohemian two-car RegioPanters of the second generation are already in production and will be put into operation on the South Bohemian railway lines during this year.

Information about the “RegioFox” unit of the 847 Class

•    seating capacity: 115 seats (including folding seats),
•    8 places for bicycles,
•    2 places for wheelchairs,
•    wheelchair-accessible toilet,
•    air conditioning system,
•    Wi-Fi network,
•    230V+USB sockets,
•    audio-visual system, passenger counting system, security cameras,
•    length: 44.4 metres,
•    weight: 83 tonnes,
•    max. speed: 120 km/h,
•    power output: 750 kW,
•    number of engines: 2,
•    number of driven axles: 4,
•    power output transmission: hydrodynamic,
•    number of bogies: 3,
•    number of doors: 4.