Railway fans not only from the Pardubice Region will enjoy a special venue this year to which they are looking forward already now. In addition to a number of traditional events, including summer rides of historical steam trains and other annual nostalgic rides, this year they can also take part in the National Railway Day, which has been held in the past in various railway locations across the Czech Republic. However, on the penultimate weekend in September, they can look forward to it in the Pardubice Region, namely in the town known as a major railway junction, i.e. in Česká Třebová.

“Traditionally, one of the regional railway days used to be held in Česká Třebová every year. Thanks to negotiations with České dráhy, as the national carrier, we have managed to bring the peak of the railway season, namely the National Railway Day, to the territory of the Pardubice Region as well. Due to good transport accessibility we can expect a large number of visitors from all over the Czech Republic. The scale of the event is unique in the whole of Europe, especially with regard to the number of exhibits on display and the combination of the presentation of rolling stock from the oldest railway jewels to modern technology from the Czech rails,” said Martin Netolický, Chairman of the Council of the Pardubice Region, adding that the Pardubice Region is ready to support the organisation of such a large event, not only in terms of its promotion towards the public.
“The National Railway Day is an annual holiday for all railway workers, passengers, fans and supporters of the environment-friendly railway transport. People come from all over the country and even from abroad to see the historical and modern technology. The organisation of the National Railway Day 2024 in the Pardubice Region is an opportunity for local citizens to learn about the past, present and future of railway transport in the Czech Republic, but it is also an opportunity to introduce the Pardubice Region to ‘non-residents’,” says Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of České dráhy.

The National Railway Day

The exact programme and an overview of vehicles which are to take part in the Railway Day 2024 in Česká Třebová on 21 September are currently under preparation. However, it is already now quite clear that the World of History, World of Change, World of Entertainment and the unique Night Light Show will form a part of this special event. A number of historical steam, diesel and electric locomotives, the most modern vehicles of České dráhy and a rich cultural programme, concerts, popular activities for children and many other attractions will certainly take part in the programme as well.

The Railway Day is celebrated on an annual basis in September to commemorate 27 September 1825, when the first train of George Stephenson, steam locomotive inventor, set out on its journey. This train connected Stockton and Darlington in Great Britain and was headed by the steam engine named “Locomotion”. This gave rise to the international name for the motive power railway vehicle. The first train had 11 coal wagons and a passenger carriage. The train was 88 metres long and reached a top speed of 9 km/h.

Press Release of the Pardubice Region and České dráhy